The Tote Bag

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Debuting in 2019, the Marc Jacobs tote bag quickly became an icon in the luxury industry. House your everyday essentials with our iconic tote bag collection, featuring various styles seen in both new arrivals and bestsellers. There’s a designer tote bag for everyone including leather tote bags, canvas tote bags, colorblock tote bags, monogram tote bags, and so much more. Explore all the different sizes of the tote bag from micro bags and mini bags to large bags perfect for office-to-out days and travel. You can learn more about the different sizes with our tote size guide. For the perfect Marc match, pair your luxury tote bag with matching accessories and wallets. Mix things up and swap out the bag straps to make it your own. The combinations are endless. Want to explore beyond the tote collection? Check out all handbags including bucket bags, The Snapshot, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and more.